Noorpharma Pharmaceutical Distribution Company” was established in December of 2001 after receiving a legal permit from Iran's “Ministry of Health” by benefiting the cooperation of several top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

To exceed expectations and to become one of the leaders in country’s pharmaceutical distribution industry, “Noorpharma Pharmaceutical Distribution” first started with covering a majority of Tehran’s drugstores, clinics and other health and Medicare centers, and soon extended its arms all around the country via 19 reliable intensive distribution centers in different cities and provinces, as a result even the most faraway unfrequented locations are now covered. we distribute our products in 32 counties in the country.After all being devoted to fulfilling country today and tomorrow needs, lasting care and loyalty to its customers, and most important of all prompt, yet qualified distribution of pharmaceutical products has helped Noorpharma to take further steps on the path of success shortly after starting out; but the company still has far more successful steps to take and will continue to try and keep its popularity by relying on the skills of a devoted team, this time and in its most recent phase of development, Noorpharma has successfully started a new distribution line of “Cold chain” .Good health is an important personal and social requirement, that is why “Noorpharma pharmaceutical distribution Company” hopes to play a pioneer role in meeting society’s need for popular well being and ultimately become one of the leading companies in Iran’s pharmaceutical distribution industry.


Share holders

The company was originally established by :

- Mr. Yaser Rafighdoost

- Mr. Amirhossein Rafighdoost

- Mrs. Mona Rafighdoost

The managing director of the company is Mr. Yaser Rafighdoost and the Director of Board is Mr. Amirhossein Rafighdoost